Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Stayed up too late last night and didn't feel it as much as I thought I would; but by the time I got home and got settled I was too tired to do anything, so I watched the red sox win and then I watched trashy tv, including something about child stars and something else about the guy from Poison; I am still not sure why I didn't just go to bed. And now the couch pillows for the porch still aren't done, but they haven't been done for a couple of months now, so that's nothing new. I've never tried a project this involved without using someone else's plan, so I'm pretty excited that I've actually cut out the foam without making a mistake (I had to use the couches, which are an ovoid shape, as the templates), and cut the fabric without running out. It's a striped fabric and I can't say I've been able to match up the stripes from one side of the pillow to another, but hey, it's my first attempt and I am definitely a novice!

Monday, September 03, 2007

I've decided to delve into bloglife after becoming relatively addicted to reading several other blogs and wishing I could publish my own two cents.
I'm not sure exactly where I want this blog to go, but I guess I'll just get started and we'll see. Certainly, I like hearing myself talk, and it's a definite bonus for me to at least think that others are listening to my ramblings! I suppose that writing a blog may help me do a better job of keeping up with current events; and maybe somehow it will help me become a better person. (Is that what I'm supposed to say? Sounds relatively PC.) I've never actually taken a philosophy course but can imagine I could get relatively philosophical here. Or not. Let's go!

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