Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November What?

I can not believe that it's november already. Where has the year gone? I don't know. Really--'tis amazing to me how fast the time passes now; even entire years pass without my permission these days.
I've decided to take up beading. Now, I thought that I'd be picking pretty beads and putting them on random strings and adding clasps and voila, but apparently that's not the case. First of all, there are so many bead options that my head spun as I tried to pick few. Second, the random strings are not random and are chosen by diameter which has either a designated number or letter, don't ask me how they compare, and then of course there is the material of the non-random strings, silk, some sort of nylon, who knows what else (I'm sure I saw hemp...)Third, well, third, you need special beading Tools, of course, all kinds of tweezers and pliers and crimpers and other plier-like equipment; Fourth, you actually have to know how to use these tools, and they're not necessarily self explanatory. (case in point, the crimping pliers)
So anyway, after a harrowing trip to the bead store, I am fully prepared although not at all qualified to make some sort of bracelet. My idea of a thoughtful Christmas present, but we'll see. I may just end up with a big bag of unstrung beads. Hmmm...Still, even with all the complaining/whining, I am looking forward to giving it a try.
Still haven't managed to make the drapes that were supposed to be the next project...Just can't bring myself to sew at the moment. We'll see. Once I start beading, I may be more interested in sewing again.

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