Monday, February 11, 2008


Have I mentioned how tired I am? I haven't really had a normal night of sleep in, oh, eight or nine nights. How tired am I? I'm so tired, I:

Backed out of the garage without buckling the carseat;

Blew-dry my hair with some new crazy flip on the bottom, but only on one side;

Just realized today that valentine's day is this week;

Did laundry this week but now have approximately 12 loads of unfolded laundry (no, I don't usually have this much laundry each week. stomach bug in my house. need I say more?)

Speaking of laundry, instead of spraying the spot on my olive green pants with spray-and-wash (a prewash spray), I sprayed it with clorox clean-up (bleach tile/kitchen cleaner). Turns out that the spot came out...

Fell asleep every time I sat on the couch

Bought a really funny but seriously inappropriate card for a friend (definitely can't send it)

Am going to bed early now!

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