Sunday, February 24, 2008

This Week's New Try

Obviously not my healthiest recipe.

But so delicious!

I made Baked Alaska today. I've wanted to for a while. It was great, and easy. Unfortunately, it has to be cooked just before it is served, and the meringue has to be whipped up, too, so it needs an audience with a bit of patience.

Baked Alaska has many variations. The dessert was more popular in the past; I couldn't find it in any of my modern general or dessert cookbooks. It's made up of three basic parts: a cake base, ice cream on top, all covered with meringue, then popped in the oven at a high temp to brown the meringue without melting the ice cream. It can be made as individual desserts or a big dessert to be sliced.
I was craving chocolate, so I made the base a big brownie, covered it with vanilla ice cream which I molded in a bowl, then covered with a sugary meringue. If I did it again, I would chill the ice cream right on the brownie. I used a springform pan I lined with tin foil, which worked very well. Man, it was good. A success!

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Jenna said...

That looks delicious!

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