Saturday, May 03, 2008

My City

I was talking to one of the kids, saying how much I love the city. After going on and on about how great it is, the reply was, "It's just a city, though, right?"
Oh well. We'll have to take more trips in town to acquaint these guys with the place.

On the subject of cities, my brother in law is on his way (still--what a long trip!) to a big Indian city today. Shout out to you, B.I.L.! Hope the travel's okay. Shout out to sis, too. Okay, and other sis, and Ma, so no one is left out.

This is the island where the Mallard family takes up residence in Make Way for Ducklings.

The Swan Boats, open for the summer, now.

Not sure what this is. Probably has some importance--

It is Boston, after all.

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