Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Trip to the Orchard, or, How I Got My Color Back.

Since it is apparent that I will be eating fried green tomatoes and green beans and yellow pumpkin flowers this year, we headed out to the nearby orchard/farm to see what else was growing. It's a great place: as you drive up, you smell the doughnuts cooking, no matter the season. In the fall you get the cider undernotes as well. There's a barrel of apples to taste test, and candy, and jellies and jams, and pickles, and doughnuts and muffins and pies, and whatever fruits and veggies are in season. This weekend, peaches and blueberries were in, and the first apples of the season, J-Macs, were up, too. We bought lots of good stuff, and now I don't know where I'm going to find the time to bake with them!

Who am I kidding--they're already disappearing; there won't be enough left to cook with!

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