Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My New Chocolate Bar

This is one of my birthday presents! A ten-pound bar of chocolate, have you ever seen such a thing? My husband tells me that this is baking chocolate, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't know what he's talking about. I think this is snacking chocolate.

In reality, if I ate this chocolate the way I am tempted to, I'd have to visit with the dentist, the dermatologist, and likely hire a personal trainer, as well. (To be honest with you, I should be making appointments with all of these types anyway, but for different reasons. )

Ahem. I do hate the dentist, though. I bring my kids when I am supposed to, but find it very difficult to make an appointment for myself.

So, back to topic--now that I have a gigantic chocolate bar, I am going to bake and bake and bake chocolate things. If I ever get off the couch, which isn't looking to be any time soon. Is anyone else really tired? I swear it's the season. Possibly the fact that I am getting an average of 6.5 interrupted hours of sleep a night has something to do with it, also; the interruptions being random children visiting at odd post-midnight hours. Or the phone ringing (no, not from you calling, sister, as I didn't even wake up when that happened...)or other random noises disturbing me, although now that I'm so sleep deprived the possible disturbances are not waking me.

Aargh. I'm going to bake. Chocolate things. And I want some ideas. Give me some ideas!


PS. Shout Out, apple picka--Happy BirthDay!

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