Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weekend Recovery

It was a good weekend, all things considered. One of those weekends when you accomplish alot but you feel like you get a ton of rest, too. Unfortunately there is a virus attacking us one by one, so I am alternately caring for the sickies and dreading my turn as one. But aside from that, and from the fact that the Sunday paper wasn't delivered, oh, and that we had to miss our superbowl party due to illness, thereby also missing chili, meatballs, italian subs, nachos, etc, (it's just in my nature to complain, these things were not big deals;) ah, run-on sentences, I do truly think in them; it was a nice weekend.

Here's what I did this weekend:

pizza night with the extended family;
day trip to Providence;
solo trip to the store (a treat!) to pick up all sorts of fabrics and notions for some project ideas;
started the corkboard on my to-do list
watched a couple of Disney movies
attended a bonfire
watched the superbowl

Here's what I cooked this weekend:

grilled cheese sandwiches with grape jelly
Julia Child's french onion soup (delish)
cranberry-maple pudding cake (a Bon Appetit magazine recipe from the 1/08 issue)
bittersweet chocolate pudding pie with creme fraiche topping (also from Bon Appetit, 1/08 issue) (I recommend it!)

Here's what I learned/relearned this weekend:

cleaning the throw-up bowl is gross. (but necessary, obviously)
Christmas trees burn really, really fast and hot. very scarily.
Julia Child rocks.
Chocolate pudding can be sophisticated.
People in the city seem to be in better shape than people in the suburbs.
City supermarkets don't always have a better selection than suburban ones.
I really do still not like football.
I am addicted to chocolate (the taste? the caffeine?)
Cornmeal is a rustic taste.
I am not reading enough.
Years and years after a funny event happens, sisters can still laugh as hard as the first time when one of them brings it up.
I think I may be addicted to using Lysol spray (appropriately, of course.)
Infant development is amazing.

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