Friday, February 01, 2008

Sandwiched In

One of my favorite things to eat is a good sandwich. I think this may be something I inherited from my father, an excellent sandwich maker. He can turn out those kinds of sandwiches that are just loaded with good things and are presented with panache--you know, an olive on a toothpick, pickles on the side, chips, what have you. So I have a sandwich thing; never really liked hot lunch.

Today was a great sandwich day. It's cold and rainy and dark, and lunch, comprised of my latest favorite, was in the warm, bright kitchen.

This is my latest favorite:
cucumber, sliced thinly; tomato, sliced very thinly; maple brown sugar ham (yup, sliced thinly) and boursin cheese on lavash bread. Very important also is the beverage, which in this case (as usual,) is iced mocha. The cookies, well, they should be for desert, but I had four just like them for breakfast, so maybe I'll hold off. Maybe.

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