Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Just Work

Pretty much just work today. No embarrassing skirt episodes (I pretty much wear pants all the time these days, for obvious reasons, if you've read the back entries.) and nothing really out of the ordinary.
I once again pulled out the silk drapes and silk fabric to start the Living Room Drape Project but quickly put them down. (Now there's a pile of silk on the living room couch.) Glanced at the kitchen table and thought, "Gee, I should paint the second coat." Looked at the dining room table on top of which sits a sewing machine, random fabrics, a box of sewing notions, boxes of papers (not mine), and, well, actually there're a lot of scattered papers; I have no idea what they are for as they are my husband's, and I generally avoid getting involved in any of his paperwork. Also noted random papers floating around under the table. On several of the chairs. Hmm. Saw that the rug needed vacuuming.
Mmhmm, didn't pick up any of those options; nope, work was enough. I did set up my little seed growing area. I mean, I set up the table it will be on. No seed planting yet-but I think it's about time. I never seem to time my seedlings right, so I end up with these spindly little plants that have to do all kinds of catch-up growth once they move outside. Maybe this year will be better.

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