Monday, March 17, 2008

Not Irish Soda Bread

Did you know that Saint Patrick was born in the late 300's?
He was not born Irish; but became the patron saint of Ireland.
He was captured and put into slavery in his teen years.
He was a slave in Ireland, where he learned the local language.
He escaped slavery and studied in Europe, and became a priest.
He went back to Ireland to convert the Irish to Catholicism.
Legend has it that he drove the poisonous snakes from Ireland.
And also used the shamrock to teach the concept of the Holy Trinity.
Saint Patrick died on March 17th. His shroud was made by Saint Brigid.

Uh, yeah, and could I actually not publish a blog entry in green about Irish Soda Bread today? Just about every other blog I've read today has been about the aforementioned bread. But I'm going to write about it anyway. Kind of. My Irish bread has no soda in it. It's so delicious--you should try it. That is, if it's your kind of bread. There are definitely distinct types of Irish bread--there's the whole caraway seed thing, the soda thing, the fruit or no fruit thing.
Me, I pick the no seeds, no soda option. Plus or minus fruit. And I like a more spongy texture, rather than a scone-like texture. But maybe that's the soda thing--I'm still no good about cooking chemistry.
And heeere it is:

And here it is ten minutes after it was served:

Yum. In the interest of full disclosure, I ate that piece when everyone went upstairs to get ready for bed.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

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