Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Newest Plans

What did I do today? Laundry. Laundry. And...wait for it if you'd like...Laundry. The house smells nice, but there are one thousand and eight loads of clean Laundry just waiting to be folded. Maybe by the Easter Bunny. I'm not all that interested in it.
Piles of clean Laundry.

Anyway, as I continue to avoid the Laundry, I've been trying to fill my time. I put together a few bookcases, filled them up, realized the next step was to clean the office (a very, very big job)so changed over the Laundry and made a few phone calls.
And then I started making a list of what I need to do before Easter--I think I'm going to try making Hot Cross Buns this year; I can't decide if I'll make them for Good Friday (old Catholic Tradition) or Easter (Old English Tradition.) Probably for Good Friday. I think I'm making canoli for Easter, which is a yearly thing. We've got to color the Easter eggs, too. One kid needs a haircut before the weekend; I've got some baskets to fill, I need some flowers as Easter day hostess gifts (I'm not the hostess, I'm giving them to the hostesses;) oh, and I need something to wear. Plus we need some kind of Easter breakfast. Then the birthdays start.

Tomorrow I'm babysitting for the day, a beautiful baby. It's great--the baby's so cute and easygoing. So I'll get nothing done because I'll play with the babe all day and then, I'll say I'm so tired from babysitting that I can't do anything but relax. Not even laundry.
Maybe I'll have enough energy to make another list.

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