Thursday, April 03, 2008

I spent April first in a hyper alert state because my coworker is a known prankster and I knew I was high on the list...but nothing ever happened. I spent April second working, exhausted after using so much energy not being the butt of a joke. Today, I worked with four pounds of confectioners sugar, fistfuls (no, I'm serious) of Crisco, three pounds of mini marshmallows, a microwave, and a mixer. Can you guess what I was doing?
I was making fondant. I found this great recipe about a year ago and I've had really good luck with it! It is super easy to make, although it's totally and completely messy. The site is here, if you're interested.
I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed now because I have a the kids' birthday party in a couple of days, and I'm not quite as ready as I want to be: the house is a mess, the cakes are not made, and I don't really know what's on the menu. There are about 2o adults and 10 kids coming for cake and dinner. And I've got these two birthday cakes to make: one with fondant for decoration, one with good old icing and piping.
My newest philosophy (I just came up with this) is that I should take it easy, and everything will get done. Right. I can say that now, because I'm really tired, sitting on the couch lounging and watching a Lost rerun, but tomorrow when it's 3am and I'm cleaning the dining room, I'll be sure to write a quick entry documenting my mood and state of mind...
I'm off to bed. That's part of the philosophy. Early to bed and sleep as late as you can get away with, then stay up until the work's done, and be a zombie at the party. It'll work, right?

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The Over-Thinker said...

I love working with fondant! Mmmmm sugary cake goodness...

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