Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I just updated my blog to do list and I'm embarrassed to say I took one item out and added three. Not much getting done on that there list.
Sisters (and I mean that literally,) you may want to skip the next couple of paragraphs. It's about (gasp) plants. Number four sister--plants growing in my HOUSE! Look away.

Anyway, for those of you who aren't nauseated by the thought of plants growing in your house, I planted some veggie and herb seeds in one of the sunnier windows of the house. I've got chives sprouting, and wax beans, tomatoes, grape tomatoes, cucumbers and broccoli. No eggplant or tomatillos or hot peppers yet. I'm going to try some spinach too, outside. But growing leafy vegetables kind of grosses me out. I always think there are going to be bugs hiding in the leaves. Must be something from childhood. But I'll try spinach, and sugar peas, and maybe some lettuce. (gross.) Oh, and I just remembered, I bought some rhubarb corms or whatever they are. Ooh, and carrots of many colors, too.

I have too many seeds. I bet I won't be able to manage the upkeep of all those plants. One year I grew popcorn and I never even harvested the corn, I was so lazy by the end of the summer. Or maybe I was having morning sickness. Whatever. I wouldn't go out in the backyard. Another year, I became afraid to enter my garden because of the creepy squash beetles that overwhelmed my summer squash. They were MEAN looking. So no squash. Oh, and I once had a standoff with a humongous praying mantis, and of course the praying mantis won. HUMONGOUS! That was the end of that year's gardening.

I'm working on some more permanent fruit plantings ideas, too--I've got some little baby peach trees coming from my godfather, and I've cleaned up the strawberry patch, and I'm going to plant some blueberry bushes, too--but there's not much sun in the yard right now. Well, there is right now, because the trees are leafless, but soon the shade will return. Someday we'll take down a few trees.

And now stuff is starting to bloom outside. I worked today ( oh, what a long, stressful day.) so I had no sunlight to photograph things, but I will soon!

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