Monday, May 26, 2008

Long Weekend

Memorial Day takes the place of Decoration day, established during the Civil War, mainly by the Union states, set aside for the decoration of Civil War vets' graves. After World War I, the name was changed (some of the states that had been part of the confederacy were not acknowledging Decoration Day) and it became a national holiday honoring fallen soldiers of all wars.
It's a solemn purpose.
Thank God we have citizens brave enough to defend us and our freedom.

Memorial Day weekend here was busy. Friday night we had swimming lessons, then dinner out (a rarity in this family); Saturday was a trip to my parents' cottage to clean up and open up for the season; Sunday was an Easter Egg Hunt Brunch in the morning (yes, postponed,) and a neighborhood barbecue in the afternoon; and today was a family cookout at our house.
I only got to try one new recipe this weekend, which I found while reading; it's a great blog.
The Strawberry Tart, adapted from a recipe by Dorie Greenspan, is fantastic, and simple. I think that this may be my favorite tart crust yet, and the custard is so good! You can see the recipe here.
I'm going to do some emergency laundry now. I sort of forgot about work and school this week!

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