Monday, May 19, 2008

May 19th

I write this entry under duress, really; my husband has been harassing me about no entries for over two weeks. He hasn't been harassing me for two weeks; he harassed me today about the two week lag. I just don't have much to say. I thought about blogging about inappropriate-slash-socially unacceptable-backrubs last Thursday, but instead I called my sister and shouted and guffawed about that subject for about ten minutes on the ride home from the meeting at which said insult occurred, so that by the time I got home to the computer, I was all laughed out (and had finished with the post-creepiness shivers.)

Then I thought about blogging about the recent plants I bought, but I know how damn boring it all comes out on paper when I talk about gardening. So to really drive that point home...I did buy a couple blueberry bushes, a couple cranberry bushes, an elderberry bush, a couple Japanese hollies, and a bright orange azalea. So far I've planted the azalea. Everything else is still in the driveway. I did plant the rhubarb, the calla lillies, the peony, the glads, the dahlias, and the carrots. These guys were all seeds or bulbs or corms, so it's likely that nothing will grow, but it was fun to do the planting. And today I spent about an hour walking around the yard pruning things. THAT was fun. I don't know what it is about cutting things, but I love pruning, and I do enjoy cutting hair--my own, anybody's, really. See, but I'm digressing. And I'm not a hairdresser, by the way. Nor a barber.

So then I thought I should blog today and say Welcome Home to my brother-in-law who by now should just be getting home from India. Welcome home, brother-in-law! Woo-hoo! Home sweet home, right? Glad you're back in one piece.

And next I thought I should blog tomorrow and say happy birthday to my sis. Happy birthday little sis! I thought I'd utilize that do-it-ahead-of-time blog thing. Um, I haven't, but you likely won't read this until your birthday anyway. By the way, I'm going to say I'm a year younger that you from now on. And other little sis, I may say that I'm younger than you, too. Why not? I think most people will be too polite to disagree or otherwise comment. I just won't bring it up when you guys are around.

That's why I'm writing tonight. Not really my idea. But to those to whom it belongs, Welcome Home, Happy Birthday, Water the Plants, and Fine, are you Happy Now? (a wink , a smile, and good night!)

And Oh My, did you see Lester's no-hitter? Very very nice.

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