Thursday, June 12, 2008

Note to self*

*this really is a note to me; I needed to write it down and it is quite likely that nobody but me will find this interesting or useful.

you are completely horrible about documenting memories, something about which I am quite disappointed, as you always seemed the type to make photo albums and even, God Forbid, scrapbook. Anyway, these are some things you should remember.

1. That squeaky little voice your number three has.
2. "Goggy" for doggy.
3. It is tremendously cool to see that child read.
4. Your kids still get excited to swim in the little inflatable kiddie pool.
5. You inflated that not so little kiddie pool by mouth in 97-degree weather.
6. The light in number two's eyes when playing with the neighborhood kids for the first time.
7. The pride of the oldest because of beating the reigning champ of Around the World, on a birthday, no less.
8. The middle child is taking Irish Step for the costume.
9. Number three's personality is so great, the future is either as a convict or the President.
10. Your eldest child can already beat you in an argument. This is 2008.
11. You might be able to beat your baby sister at arm wrestling. Maybe.
12. Lucky for you, your number two sister laughs at all of your jokes, funny or not.
13. Your husband is afraid of frogs, but not bad guys.
14. Your husband would beat up a drunk man for careening into your sisters.
15. Number one-ism: "he can't have that toy what is mine."
16. By the time you were twenty, your friends thought your parents were cool.
17. And so did you.
18. Eldest niece: "Bad dog. DAMN BAD DOG!"
19. Kickie has amazing insight into social interactions.
20. JuJuBee would give me the shirt off her back.
21. Numbers two and three: penchant for heels.
22. You predict number one will be a preppy. Number two, either punk or haute couture. Number three-anything yellow, right now.
23. It's really cool how you can see all of the cousins in the face of the newest one.
24. There's no farm smell at your house!
25. You are so looking forward to hospitalists.
26. Your kids cry when they leave Hilltop, just like you did.
27. Future careers: artist; candy expert; live at Mama's house with Blankie.
28. The fun things you did this week: washed the cars with the kids in their bathing suits; played tree tag after dinner; saw the Bubble Man at school; read a library book to the kids; made chocolate chip cookies, some without chips for number one; only worked one day; shared a secret candy bar with your eldest on the car ride home; got a babysitter for a night out; shopped by yourself for an hour, had ice cream from the farm.
29. You are really really lucky.

Don't forget these things.


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