Monday, September 01, 2008

Peach Pie in the Summer

I made Peach Pie today.

I grew up in New England, eating apple pie and cherry pie, but I don't think I ever had peach pie until I made it for myself a few years ago. I like it. I like most any pie, to be completely honest with you, though.
I was so taken with the peaches we got at the orchard a few weeks ago that I made a second trip out today to pick up some more before they go out of season. Gravenstein apples are in season too, so I bought a bunch and I'm hoping to make some apple pies later in the week. Once I finish with the peaches, that is--I bought a 1/2 bushel today, and still have 18 peaches left; I made four pies today, and can probably make one or two more.
Have you ever heard of Gravensteins before? I never had, but apparently they've been around in North America since the 1700's. I guess they're making a comeback now. Although how you can stage an apple comeback when they grow on trees that take a while to grow to fruit bearing, I can't quite fathom. hmm.
I'm going to taste test the peach pie now!

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Julie_c said...

Mmmmm. I love peaches. I bet this is so yummy!

(Thanks for stopping in at NinjaWoman.)

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