Thursday, January 31, 2008

Now and Then

Things kids have today that I didn't:
Permission to call adults by their first names
Booster seats (car seats, for that matter)
Bicycle helmets
Routine Influenza Vaccine
Risky internet sites
Terror drills at school
Chicken Pox Shots
College savings accounts
Mainstream rap
American Girl dolls
5 food groups
Parents who have to explain why their teen idols are pregnant
An understanding of salary, and who makes what; an awareness of cost/price
The greenhouse effect
Razor scooters
Things I had that kids today don't:
oral Polio vaccine
chicken pox
unscheduled time after school
commodore 64
smallpox vaccine (well, not me, but right before me)
prescription dimetapp
Schoolhouse rock on Saturday morning
no-name sneakers
Jordache jeans
eight track player
cassette player/boom box
abilitiy to record music off the radio
Creature double feature on Saturday afternoons
Spanning the generations:
Mr. Potato Head
Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine
Stranger Danger
Children's music albums
Fear of the elementary school principal
Snow days
School bus seat hierarchy
Trick or treating
Ear infections
Strawberry shortcake and friends
Barbie et al.
Chuck Taylors
Mickey Mouse
Summer vacation
Kickball games
Just a quick off-the-cuff list, no deep hidden meanings, just me stretching my memory. Feel free to add some of your own!

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Jenna said...

Hello... you don't know me. But I read on another blog in her comments section that you had never had someone comment on your blog and I think that's just not right... so I came to comment! We had jelly bracelets and jelly shoes when I was a kid. They tried to bring them back a few years ago, but luckily that was not a succes (my feet have always sweated and I hated wearing my jellies because I would slide around in them! Yuck!).

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