Monday, February 18, 2008

Cherry Pie and Rice

I made a cherry pie today. Yum! It took approximately twenty minutes to put together (and then an hour to cook.) It's totally non-gourmet, full of canned cherries, and was just great. The crust, of course, is from scratch.
I've given up eating between meals. This is supposed to make me have a healthier diet, but instead, since I'm anticipating being hungry later, at meals I am totally engorging myself. Whether it's Valentine's cookies or cherry pie, I'm practically doubling up to make sure I stay full.
So when I read about a website that allows you to donate rice by taking a vocabulary test, I was again reminded of (and embarrassed by my ability to forget) the huge, huge difference between my privileged life and the lives of certain others.

. is a website that donates rice to be distributed to those in need by the United Nations World Food Program. Anyone can be a part: you simply go to the site and start to take the vocabulary test. For every word you get correct, twenty grains of rice are donated. It's quick and fun and you learn something. I learned that my vocabulary has become very limited, and that nudibranch means sea slug. Who knew?


Check it out.


Anonymous said...

my oldest sister

Maggie said...

The pie looks wonderful!

I love that Free Rice site. They have a decent word selection.

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