Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hot Chocolate and Not Doing

And this is pretty much the only reason I am okay with winter not being over yet. When I came home from work today (not a bad day, actually,) I was greeted with a little cup of hot chocolate, and it was definitely a high point of the day. So yummy. I was offered marshmallows, whipped cream, and marshmallow fluff, but I turned them all down for the pure stuff. A good decision, I think, because if I had accepted one of the options, I'm sure I would have ended up sharing. Instead, I had the little cup to myself.


And so I sat for a few minutes, and drank my chocolate, and read some of the blogs on my favorites list (I've got to update my blog crawl...) and looked at all of the things people are creating: sewing, knitting, painting, sketching, baking and cooking, designing...come on, I thought I made good use of my time, but I've got nothing on these people! I mean, this blog was my idea to get me creating things, and photographing things, and writing things, but I am just not doing very much! At this point, I am blaming my lack of creativity on the most recent illness to strike my family, and my subsequent sleep-free nights, but that all ended three or four days ago; work's not actually that busy, so I can't blame that (although I have had to work some recent weekends,) and I'm starting to think that maybe I'm reading too many other blogs...


So I have nothing to show for the past two weeks, aside from the aforementioned fuzzy-toothed pasta, a failure I should really put behind me; I've got a half-finished litle sweatshirty thing I was working on, a less-than-half-finished slightly bigger sweatshirty thing (I cut out the fabric, okay?) a half-painted kitchen table, two half-painted chairs (uh-huh, we're using them anyway,) hmm, what else--a bunch of fabric for some tote bags. A half-scraped wall I'm planning to repaint. Packets of seeds to plant. I think I'll stop here, as I'm beginning to be embarrassed.

Yup, that's what I'm doing. Not doing. I've got to stop not doing so much!

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Julie_c said...

A. Hot chocolate is my favorite and how sweet that a cup was already to go for you. (I would have accepted the marshmallows.)
B. Sometimes I think I, too, read too many blogs and don't spend enough time doing what I want to do - or rather - feel as though I should be doing. But often I am inspired by something I see - even just a small little project. Have you ever visited The Purl Bee? They have lots of lovely little projects.
Anyway - I hope you find your inspiration and thanks for the comment on NinjaWoman.

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